Service Offerings


  • Strategic Planning and Execution:  Robert Klynsmith is an accredited Ec@ps Associate.  Ec@ps is a highly focused strategic planning model geared towards the development and execution of company strategies… a directional platform for future growth and profitability, incorporating the ec@ps on line performance management system.
  • Strategy Seminars:  For commercial enterprises, SME’s, financial institutions, the public sector as well as a diverse range of organisational entities.
  • Coaching and mentoring:  Individuals, management teams and SME’s.
  • Company Profiling:  Professional profiles, portfolios and executive summaries; creating an effective platform to showcase your organisation to interested parties in the marketplace, including potential clients and investors.  Ideal for website content.
  • Independent facilitator:  Corporate retreats, strategic conferences and workshops.
  • Organisational diagnosis:  Identifying corporate viability and future growth potential.  The final outcome is a progressive strategic blueprint incorporating the formation of innovative strategic initiatives enabling your enterprise to achieve its ultimate potential.
  • Funding:  Seed and expansion capital for small, medium and large enterprises, including professional dossiers designed to showcase your organisation to potential investors.