Strategic planning and execution

Strategic planning and execution - ec@ps on line performance management system

Robert Klynsmith is an accredited ec@ps facilitator.  Ec@ps is a highly focused strategic planning model geared towards the development and execution of company strategies resulting in a strong directional platform for future growth and profitability... turning vision into reality. 

The ec@ps on line performance management system provides a simple yet effective framework that aligns the execution of strategy throughout the organisation.  Read more at...

Key outcomes and benefits:

  • Creates a clear strategic focus at all levels within the organisation
  • A user friendly yet highly focused system leading to the effective execution of strategy
  • Allows for ongoing flexibility and adaptability in a fast changing competitive environment
  • Creates accountability and establishes measurable performance indicators
  • Allows all participants at all levels to take ownership of the process
  • Incorporates a 360 degree Performance Review Process
  • The most cost effective and comprehensive performance process available

Comments from ec@p clients:

  • “Of all the strategic processes I have been exposed to, ec@ps is the most practical I have seen.” Tongaat Hulett Triangle
  • "I love it! Ec@ps gets to the very heart of what performance management is all about – execution.” Liberty Holdings Limited.
  • “We have been using ec@ps now for two years and it has transformed the way we do business.” Publicis Blueprint, United Kingdom
“The ability to execute strategy is more important than the strategy itself”
Norton & Kaplan