Navigating New Frontiers

Venturing fearlessly on a magical journey, blazing a new trail where others fear to tread.

Services in a Nutshell

Strategic Planning & Execution

An ingeniously designed action oriented ‘Strategic Blueprint’ – The key that unlocks the door to sustainable growth.

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Company Profiling

Capturing the essence of your company through the creation of a well-articulated portfolio.

Independent facilitation

Achieving ‘great outcomes’ through open-minded facilitation, corporate retreats | strategic conferences | workshops

Coaching & Mentoring

Strengthening the unique diversity of ‘organisational talent’ is the engine that drives entrepreneurial success.

International Online Services

Engaging collaboratively through ‘highly productive’ virtual workshops.

Investment Funding

Positioning businesses and organisations for investment capital or donor funding.

Organisational Diagnosis

Holistic assessment of the current state of your enterprise – Creating a competitively innovative strategic model.

Strategy Seminars

Sharpening the strategic capacity of your ‘leadership team’ to walk tall in an ever-changing competitive environment.

The essense of who we are

“Giving momentum to the growth and aspirations of people and organisations”

Robert Klynsmith


Business Owner and Founder

Wits/T | HR (SA) – Ambassador University | BA (UK) – Fullers | Strategy Thesis (US)

Robert has fulfilled various senior management roles throughout his career, primarily National Human Resource Co-ordinator of a manufacturing corporation (5000 employees), National Director of a faith-based organisation, CEO of a manufacturing company and Strategic Director. He has served NPO and NGO movements in various capacities, including Co-Founder, Director, Board member, Fundraiser; and continues to give executive support to NPOs.

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The ethos of our servanthood

  • Optimising the distinctive ‘signature’ offering of every enterprise we serve

  • Seeking first to understand through empathetic listening and proactive engagement

  • Navigating new frontiers of growth through innovative thinking and creative ingenuity
  • Resolute commitment to achieving viable long-term outcomes
  • Staying relevant and nimble in response to everchanging marketing and technological movements
  • Staying ahead of the game through foresight and the power of anticipation

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We have seasoned experience with over 50 enterprises ranging from manufacturing, retail and service industries to educational institutions, youth organisations, non-profit entities, and community-based organisations.

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