Strategic Options specialises in the creation of winning strategies resulting in growth oriented business models and forward thinking company initiatives. Besides participating with your organisation in the development of a purpose driven strategic blueprint we will empower you with the tools necessary to execute strategy through the ec@ps on line performance management system; a simple yet effective implementation instrument that aligns the execution of strategy throughout your enterprise.

Our one day strategic seminars are designed to equip executives, management leaders, business developers, entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate teams and public sector administrators with the essential knowledge, skills and techniques required to achieving peak performance through strategic leadership.

Strategic Planning & Execution: 

Creating a growth orientated strategic platform that will significantly transform the architectural landscape of your company... optimising potential. read more

Strategy Seminars: 

Empowering you and your team to think and act strategically in a highly competitive environment. read more

Coaching and Mentoring:

Deepening the talents of individuals, teams and organisations. read more

Company Profiling: 

Showcasing the soul and destiny of your organisation through the creation of a well articulated portfolio. read more

Independent Facilitator

Stretching the professional and innovative capacity of your team through corporate retreats and workshops.
read more

Organisational Diagnosis:

Taking a holistic look at your enterprise... pioneering a new visionary path towards extraordinary success. read more


Sourcing the appropriate investment and funding institutions for your specific funding requirements.  read more